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June 22, 2006

Must... have... internet... access...

I am still struggling for internet access in my new apartment (takes short break to be overjoyed at the idea of new apartment). In the process, I have come to realize how much a part of my daily life the internet really has become. I mean, obviously, I knew it was important since I have a blog to take care of, but the internet is also my bookstore, library, map of my city, mailbox, university registration office, magazine, newspaper - basically my main source of entertainment, information and communication. Not to mention, I need internet to get internet.

I have - no joke - had dreams in which I am running around the city, searching for a café with internet access.

So I finally get around to ordering internet access. I - of course - do this over the internet. Seconds after I order a "do-it-yourself internet package" I realize that I will be at work when it is supposed to be delivered. I click "contact us" and the default way of telling the internet people I need to reschedule is to send them an e-mail. I receive a confirmation e-mail telling me they will get back to me soon - by e-mail. So they will contact me over the internet to help me with the problem of not having internet access.


This was written last week. Still no internet in my apartment, but for a different reason now.

Posted by Julie at June 22, 2006 4:11 PM

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