Research is like a street lamp:

Some use it for illumination,
others lean on it for support.
-- David Ogilvy (attributed)

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Welcome to my home page, perpetually under construction. I do research (academic and commercial), speaking and advisory consulting in IS, technology and strategic management. My long term plan is to continue avoiding categorization and to study, practice and hopefully influence how technology, strategy and organizations evolve over time.

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Recent writings:
Hot off the presses: Why you should choose math in high school (English), Hvorfor velge matematikk (Norsk)
Continually updated: Applied Abstractions (in English), Tversover (norsk bidrag til bloggosfæren)
Academic: "Casting off the chains" (w. Øystein Fjeldstad) in European Business Forum.
Opinion: "The S-curves of Sinks, and Technology" in Ubiquity, "Trapping the Wily Professor" in EBF
Norwegian: "Utdanning, ikke oppbevaring" i Aftenposten, "IT i stikkontakten" i PC World
Interviews: Ubiquity, IBM's New World

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